Cast Iron Cookware Reborn

There has been a lot of positive buzz from people who own a cast iron cookware lately. They rave about cast iron endlessly and this can be for many reasons. This cookware is an excellent heat conductor so it heats thoroughly and evenly. Aside from that, it is inexpensive and can last a lifetime when properly taken care of. It’s a rather healthy alternative in cooking because you can cook foods fat-free, that is without oil, if they are seasoned just right. Contrary to common belief, this type of cookware can be resistant to foods sticking.

A rather bad stereotype associated with the cookware is its being used by “old unfriendly southern women” in cooking meals on Sunday afternoons. This gives it a rough, un-stylish and less classy reputation which is not true. The first mistake being about the stereotyped Southern Woman the second about the cookware itself. The cookware is used by many individuals, often professionals, and can fit in any modern, city-dwelling with a stylish kitchen. Many people, especially those in the southern state, understand the many uses for cast iron pots and have been using it to a great advantage. They can be used not only on the stovetop but also in the oven and they can used to bake cornbread. Also, using this type of cookware brings out the more natural flavors in foods.

Many different types of cookware are made of cast iron, such as skillets and frying pans of varying sizes, pots and a whole host of others. An old memory of many people is one of their mothers or grandmothers frying chicken on Sundays in these pans. There are also cast iron griddles used to make pancakes, French toasts and delicious grilled cheese sandwich. Griddles made of cast iron are very resilient that they are popularly used to cook foods over a campfire too. Long before the dawn of the crock pot, the cast iron Dutch oven has been making slow cooked meals for many families. A Dutch oven can go from a stovetop to an oven and vice-versa without a problem making it very convenient and important cooking tool in the kitchen.

Cast iron cookware does not strictly belong the forgotten times of our pioneers. It is perfect for today’s kitchen and cooking needs. Its unbelievable resilience, dependability, durability, and many uses make it a worthy addition to your kitchen. Cast iron griddles are great for inside and outside cooking while Dutch ovens are great for camping and has many inside uses too. Cast iron frying pans and skillets makes for a healthier way to fry foods. If you’re one of those who have never tried or considered cast iron, give it a go. It is increasingly becoming a necessity that many homeowners would not want to cook without.


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