Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer

I did not wake up that faithful morning thinking I would be in need of a car accident lawyer by that evening. I don’t think anyone ever does. It had been below freezing for the last week and the roads seemed to be in descent conditions all things considered. The sun was setting and I had gotten off work early and was eager to get home and spend some time with my family. Traffic was starting to stack up slowly. It appeared as if I had plenty time to brake as I came up upon a heap of red brake lights. However I started to slide… there was nothing I could do. I had started braking so early that I did not hit the car in front of me that hard. But with my luck, it was just enough to slide the car I hit from behind hard enough to push him into the car in front of him. Then that car into the car in front of it.. and five cars up all slid into each other! Does no one understand why you leave at very least a car lengths distance in front of you when you are stopped? That is so when or if someone hits you from behind you do not slam into the person in front of you! So much for getting home to my family.

Despite the fact that all the driver’s in front of me and only left inches between them and the car ahead of them and I just happened to be the lucky one who hit the patch of ice… all the driver’s got out of their car’s and were beyond furious at me! I know it was freezing out and this really inconvenienced everyone but jeez… it wasn’t my fault they had not left a respectable amount of distance between them and the car in front of them! Also what luck, two BMWs , a porsche, a newer lexus, and a honda… I was driving my toyota… no doubt even though there was relatively low damage to the cars, the owners cared about how perfect the looked and getting them fixed was not going to be cheap.

I was shocked when the officer got there and gave only me a citation for reckless driving! There had been a patch of ice! The other driver’s had not left the textbook minimum amount of space between them! And then the passengers in the two most forward vehicles were claiming sever neck and back pain, which was ridiculous considering the relatively low impact of the collision! It was clear to me immediately I was going to need an auto accident attorney.

After doing some research I found a Denver auto accident lawyer that not only looked credible, but had many testimonials. The company he worked for even offered a free consultation and I figured it would be worth contacting them and seeing if they could offer me any advice or help. It turns out that they can, but are honest and upfront that there is a chance this could cost me more money in the end if the judge does not call the case in my favor. I feel strongly about my case and I am going to take this to court! Accidents happen, but I shouldn’t be responsible for four others negligence while driving!