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Ever heard of a renowned company in Switzerland? There are many such job opportunities in the world that youngsters aspire for and are willing to go to any extent to get it.

Switzerland is renowned all over the world for being the perfect holiday destination because it is a mountainous region apart from having man-eye-catching locales that people can never forget.

Sadly, it also has the dubious distinction of being a tax haven for many people with black money like the notorious Imelda Marcos who has assets worth trillions stashed abroad, thereby making her the biggest tax evader in the world.

However, Switzerland is much more than that because it is also a business haven for people that want to set up their business there. Monetas, a software company based on software and information technology provides opportunities for people to do business and live comfortably with a greater sense of freedom than they can get in other nations.

Database Site

Monetas is a database for Swiss companies where you can find relevant info not only about the firms based there but also its owners following which you can contact them if need be to gain first-hand knowledge on how to create your own business there.

Switzerland has various cantons that have various companies that have based their operations to provide job opportunities for software experts all over the world as they know that they don’t get anything worthwhile in their own countries.

If you are thinking of starting your own business venture pertaining to IT software in Switzerland then you’ll have to commercially register with Monetas and provide all relevant details that are essential to make your dream a reality.

Galina Sato, a renowned businesswoman based in Zurich, who owns and operates Granite Group Ltd has as many as three other companies apart from Granite Group- Woodbridge Investment AG, Seidencity AG, and Mirei AG. 

She began her journey in the 4 companies in 2019. She found immediate success that allows her to climb the ladder of success at a steady pace with newer breakthroughs in the offing although the Covid-19 pandemic that began in early 2020 did act as a spanner in her works to a great extent.


Each cantonment in Switzerland has its own trade register and Monetas has the key to access all the relevant info required to learn about the registered companies like the once mentioned above because there are many other businessman apart from Mrs. Sato who have base operations there.

By going to the ‘Trade Register’ option on the official website of Monetas, you will go to the Swiss Trade Register where you can check what all companies have been registered not only in the past but also today.

The new entries are sorted out by canton so that people looking for the company of their choice don’t get confused with others because there are many that have similar names and structure.

Monetas is a mine of information when it comes to company information that can only be understood by going through its website from top to bottom.


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