Protein Supplements- Steroid Culture

Aren’t we all game for a nice little discussion? This article is going to be interesting for the hefty bodybuilders out there as well as send a warning signal to them because they are obsessed with their looks and delight in having a ripped frame from top to bottom.

The ongoing debate about whether protein supplements is reliable or not has been going on for a time as long as one can imagine. Even today, there are many people that have expressed their doubts on whether they can place implicit trust on supplements.

Some of them offer legit reasons to support their theory while others blindly believe rumors circulating around the myth because they don’t apply their own mind in any matter and believe anything and everything that come their way.

It is an open secret that many so called supplements and shakes are replete with steroids otherwise how could you explain the phenomenon of so many wrestlers have ridiculously ripped bodies in just a few months whereas a gym locale from your nearby area slogs it out for years despite dedicatedly hitting the gym and eating and drinking healthy.

Drug Theory

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is the most popular professional wrestling franchise in the world operated by Vince McMahon. We watch many wrestlers going to the ring and wrestling their heart out every day to packed stadiums and arenas.

The scripted matches and feuds add to the entertainment value of the show but over the years the company has gained notoriety due to many wrestlers openly admitting on camera that they have used steroids to enhance their muscles.

In layman terms, a steroid is a drug compound or chemical substance that is naturally produced in the body that artificially enhances various cell membranes, thereby altering their fluidity to a large extent.

Steroids are used to enhance sexual health as well so that not only you’re strong in bed but also get the stamina to do many other physical tasks in your everyday life that can be extremely exhausting.

The debate about bodybuilding supplements being replete with steroids continues to rage on because one can find many such supplements that contain drugs that are potentially banned for open market as they are dangerous for use.

Steroid Evaluation

WWE came under scrutiny from the law when a renowned organization sued it for steroid use in which many of the wrestlers were exposed saying that they use steroids to enhance their muscles and stamina in the ring.

Food & Drug Administration (FDA) conducted an evaluation test some years back over many supplements and came to the conclusion that nearly 800 of them contained unapproved and banned substances.

Sibutramine was the main drug found in many weight loss supplements whose main side effect was cardiovascular issues while protein shakes used for muscle building contained anabolic steroids that reduced sperm count to a huge plunge, thereby affecting sexual potency.

The most effective legal steroid for sale has been recommended by health experts for bodybuilders and there are many strong ones out there that include:

  1. D-Bal
  2. Clenbutrol
  3. Trenorol


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